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Sure, we have our names.
A word we respond to, the one we are ascribed to, the word we are referred to as…

But what characterizes you?
How do you identify yourself?

We can take on many identities, you could even steal one..

But certainly, every individual has their OWN..
Unique to them.
As it should be.

So what’s yours?

A Piece of my Mind

I type these words, not for anyone to read (although it would be cool if someone did).
But to see them on the screen.
These are not the words I use within the confines of my journal pages, but the ones that are now displayed. Lost in hyperspace.
However, I know where to find them.

I’m a special flower and I will bloom until my heart’s content.
I will aim to fulfill my self-assigned purpose.

I will grow and make the mistakes that I own.
I will become wise, reflecting on the foolish mistakes I’ve made.
Adding them into the book of lessons along the way, through my journey through life.

This is me. This is raw.

Mostly unfiltered, mostly foolish, mostly young.
I have a lot to learn. I have a lot to do.
And I have a lot to live through.